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The Trailercana Series

Crafty Jack and Little Debbie Burger attended a weekend event in Las Vegas, October of 2004, dubbed "HOWL-O-WEEN in VEGAS with the TRAILER PARK TROUBADOURS," featuring the high energy, rootsy, rock-and-roll music and humor of Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours (  It proved to be a real treat and a life changing event. Topping the weekend off, Jack met Antsy after one of the performance. The entertainer, Jack discovered, is more than a prolific singer/song-writer/story-teller. Antsy is also a teacher, published visual artist, author of several books, speaks fluent Japanese, father of 5 and he and a friend designed of an electric guitar named "The Airscreamer," (The body is designed and painted to look like an Airstream trailer.) which is produced by a Epiphone Guitars.

A few weeks later, after some planning and negotiating, a deal was struck.  Jack agreed to build an acoustic guitar in the shape of an old style "tear drop trailer" and it would be called the Trailercana in conjunction with Antsy's most recent album at the time.  Ansty offered a life pass to all Trailer Park Troubadour concerts and original charicatures for the label inside Jack Axe guitars. (Peek inside the sound hole of a Mother Mary or a Little Debbie and you'll see Antsy's work). The first instrument in the Trailercana Series is owned by Antsy. The second model, "autographed by the Troubs," Jack donated to an online fundraising auction set up by Ansty to help the less fortunate at Christmas.

In 2006, Jack and Debbie, along with friends Ron & Darla Kingston, brought Antsy and the band to The Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod, AB, for their Canadian debut and then brought them back again in 2007.  At the 2007 show, Jack showed Antsy and the "FlamingoHeads" (Troubadour talk for fans) the prototype of a variation on the Trailercana guitar called the Doublewide.  The Doublewide has the distinctive teardrop trailer shape,  two necks and flamingo shaped sound holes. The bottom neck is a 6 string guitar and top in a mandolin. The mandolin part of the instrument is still being tweaked out but should be ready in the near future.  Jack & Deb are still big fans of the "Troubs" and try to attend at least a few show every year to stay in touch with Antsy, his band mates and the many friends they've made through their association with Antsy.

pic of autographed trailercana dreadnaught guitar

Autographed Trailercana Dreadnaught

pic of trailercana dreadnaught guitar from the front

Trailercana Dreadnaught- Front

pic of  trailercana dreadnaught guitar from the back

Trailercana Dreadnaught- Back

pic of  litttle debbie guitar from the front

Little Debbie  - Front

pic of little debbie guitar from the back

Little Debbie- Back

pic of mother mary dreadnaught guitar

Mother Mary Dreadnaught